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To further improve the quality of Heneplex, a new production facility has been put into operation. Due to the high demand for Heneplex we are waiting a new Batch and is temporarily unavailable. We do expect to supply Heneplex again by the end of July. However, you can place orders, but take into account the time of delivery will be around the end of July.

2.5% pure Nano CBD with 75 botanical terpenes added.
250 mg nanotechnology CBD water based

10 ml dropper bottle

Meliopharm is the European Importer and distributor of Heneplex.

Heneplex stands for a patented technique, whereby CBD is reduced to a molecular level. By means of this Nano technology, the CBD is reduced to a billionth part per metre. 75 different types of botanical terpenes are added to this Nano CBD.

Terpenes are aromatic substances with a proven effect to strengthen CBD.
Due to this highly advanced process, the CBD can be easier absorbed by the human body. Because of this unbelievable technology, far less CBD is needed, because the penetration works faster and the effect of the CBD is up to seven times stronger.

The product must be taken orally (oromucosal).

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